Judith Sills, Ph.d.

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Public Speaking

"... our guests are well educated, well traveled and quite sophisticated. You received probably the highest marks of any speaker we have ever had... Some sample comments were, entertaining and instructive... Outstanding lecturer. She was just tremendous"
Lucy Cooney, Programs Coordinator -Tecate, Mexico
  • EMOTIONAL ENGINEERING: Keeping Yourself (and Your Group) on Track
  • BECOMING A BRILLIANT PEOPLE PERSON: Four Golden Rules for Business Relationships
  • IF THE HORSE IS DEAD, GET OFF: Seven Steps to Get Unstuck
  • EXCESS BAGGAGE: Getting Out of Your Own Way
  • A custom designed keynote presentation, addressing the specific concerns of your group

Most clients are seeking, not merely an event, but rather something that will change behavior. To maximize your ROI, you will be provided with a range of options available before, during, and as a follow-up to any presentation. Together we can review these options and develop an approach that provides the most powerful experience for you.
  • Services before an event might include:
    • Interviewing a sample of attendees, board members, customers
    • Providing prep work
    • Coordinating with other speakers on the agenda

  • During the event, services could include:
    • Permission to video and provide presentations to other divisions and remote locations
    • Availability for social events, book signings
    • Rights to create an in-house CD or free download

  • Presentation follow-up could include:
    • A de-briefing session with conference planners, board, or relevant management
    • 30 days access to coaching via phone and e-mail
    • A Q and A hot-line available to attendees
    • A column in your company newsletter