Judith Sills, Ph.d.

Straight Up Analysis, Straight Up Advice, Straight Up Psychology


Individual and Couples Psychotherapy

Specializing in family and romantic relationships, workplace issues and personal behavior change.

My special strength is the ability to clarify issues in a difficult life situation, to shed light on the path forward, and to help a client have the strength to take action.

My ideal client is struggling with:

  • Conflict with an adult child or in-law
  • Marriage misery with no path forward
  • An uncomfortable situation with a boss, colleague or business partner
  • Parenting struggles
  • Ambivalence over a crucial decision like professional change or marriage
  • Longing for a personal behavior change like weight loss, reduced drinking, or increased productivity

I have been practicing for 40+ years and have a passion for my clients and their successes. I am straight talking, and results oriented. I want to see you get where you want to go, even if you've been dragging your emotional feet for some time. After all, we could all use the boost of someone else's insight and energy to help us on our way.


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