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The Comfort Trap or,
What if You're Riding a Dead Horse?

Bestselling author Judith Sills shows how to escape our seductive "comfort zones" and move on in seven life-changing steps.

Does this sound familiar? You’ve been in the same job for fifteen years, you’re on your sixth administration (but, hey, who’s counting?), and it looks like it’s going to take a stick of dynamite to get you to jump ship. You know what missing from your marriage is you, but you can’t bear to rock that comfortable old boat. You’re stuck. You plan to quit smoking but hey, not until after the playoffs. And, as bestselling author Judith Sills would say, you know the horse is dead. Get off!

We all have our comfort zones—your coffee bar, your preference for half hazelnut/half decaf very light no sugar, your seat on the 8:24, your same old fight over the holidays with your parents—and, indeed, they’re what make life possible. But the time comes when your comfort zone turns into a trap —when it’s keeping you from having a happier, more meaningful, and fulfilling life. If The Comfort Trap or, What if Your Riding a Dead Horse? is for anyone whose life has temporarily run aground, whether you’re stuck in a dead-end relationship, in a soul-killing job, or when your life just seems to have become one long summer rerun. The rewards for escaping your comfort trap are enormous. And Sills—who has helped thousands with her sage advice, dispensed in her signature go-get-’em style—has come up with a brilliant, excuse-busting seven-step plan that points a clear, inspiring way out.