Judith Sills, Ph.d.

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Excess Baggage,
Getting Out of Your Own Way

Maybe you always have to finish what you start-from a book to a book to a dismal marriage. Or your mother is always there when you need her-but sometimes you wish she had somewhere else to go. Each of us has a little too much of our own good thing-it's excess baggage that's holding us back.

As Judith Sills says in this exceptionally wise and refreshingly pragmatic book, everyone has baggage. It's the aspect of your personality that keeps getting in your way.

Excess Baggage shines a light on our blind spots, defining five common obstacles to happiness that we create:
  • We need to be right
  • We feel superior
  • We dread rejection
  • We create drama
  • We cherish our anger
Life doesn't have to be so hard. Using easy-to-follow but powerful psychological exercises. Dr. Sills helps you discover just what it is about yourself that keeps you from getting what you want. Then you can set your excess baggage down forever-and get out of your own way.